Upward Bound Field Trips

The students at Upward Bound Sampson County participate in many activities that are both fun and educational. This is a great way for the students to visit places outside of Sampson County like Greensboro NC, Greenville NC, and Wilmington NC. Here are some of their favorite field trips:

Michael Pineda

A really fun trip that we have took with Upward Bound is when we went to go see a play about Martin Luther Luther Jr . We went to the Barn Theatre in Greensboro. There was food to eat at the beginning and then after we ate their was a play. We went in January to see this amazing play. Sure there was food but what I mostly enjoyed about this trip was the amazing play. During this play I learned about all of the torture African Americans were facing during the time of Martin Luther King Jr.  Then there was one man who started a revolution and his name was Martin Luther King Jr. Life for African Americans were not safe back then. However, at the end, Africans Americans were starting to get what they deserve, more equality. From this trip I see that you must treat everybody equally. Everybody is human and we shouldn't have violence between each other or between different types of races.

KeAusja Chestnutt

My favorite trip that I went on with Upward Bound was when we went to the Barn Theatre in Greensboro, NC. It was a stage production about Martin Luther King Jr. What I like most was how it pointed out why people marched and what people were actually fighting for. I learned that Rosa Parks didn’t sit in the white section on the bus she sat in the blacks only section and they still tried to make her move. But she was very determined not to give her seat up. Watching this stage production had a great impact on my life because it taught me why my history is very important. It also shows that you should fight for what you believe is right and a change will eventually happen.

Erica Quintana

I have gone to many places but my favorite was going to East Carolina University. Upward Bound said we had a tour to ECU and I decided to go to explore the campus and what I can learn about my education. We went 3 months ago. We went on a rainy day so we were walking in cold weather and rain . The rain didn't really stop us because we learned many things about the campus. We learned about the different careers they provide. Also on the campus area, it is really easy to find the places you need to go. It impacted me because I know that the campus is very friendly. Also that is the school for me because it fits me and it has the education that i want. I learned a lot about it and i enjoyed the time I was there.

Katie Luengas

We go on many field trips with Upward Bound and I enjoy them all. We went to University of North Carolina Wilmington over the summer for over 3 weeks. The thing that I liked the most about this trip was that we got to learn and experience how college students live. We learned more about science, what to do in an interview, more about the career we want to study for and much more. This trip has impacted me in many ways. One way is that it has demonstrated how college/ universities are different from high school. Second, it has prepared me for any interview. Third, I’ve learned more about my career and what I need to do to be able to achieve it. Lastly, it made me realize I would like to attend UNCW for my career. Overall, all the field trips we take with Upward Bound are really fun and we learn a lot with many experiences.

Juan Perez

I went to UNCW in the summer for three weeks. What I like most about it is everything. I like going to every field trip over there in UNCW. I learned many things such as how living in college is hard and what it feels like to live without my parents for 3 weeks. This trip impacted me in so many ways such as meeting new people. I found out what I want to do when I finish college and much more.

Alisia Jones